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Golden-ratio Carafes and Glasses, Vortex Straws, PHI Water Bottles with Flower of Life, Water Crystals, 100% Eco-Friendly


Be A Deva

Be A Deva: Build relationship with animal friends, plants and other beings in your garden.

Take your garden, home, workplace and office to new levels of health and energy, as we do at Harmony. A series of simple exercises takes you on a journey of increased understanding of and communication with all beings. Build relationships with animal friends and plants in your garden.Read Contents and Buy.


Dancing with Water

Dancing with Water 2nd Edition February 1987 Revised by M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans with 40% new material

2nd Edition 2017

The New Science of Water - A Guide to Naturally Treating, Structuring, Enhancing and Revitalising Your Water
M.J. Pangman & Melanie Evans

As a blend of the most recent advances in traditional science, and spiritual wisdom for our evolving planet, this book is a unique, engaging and well-referenced guide, providing insight into water's unique qualities and offers instructions for creating full-spectrum living water: how to structure, add information and energy ... and more ... opening the door to the "Age of Water' typified by reverence for nature and all life. Unique qualities inherent in water and its hidden potentials are ready to be awakened within us, as water beings. Are you prepared to become a conscious creator and participate in the Dance with Water?. 287pp. 40% new material. Feb 2017.

$36 shipped in NZ and $42 shipped to Australia.
USS18.99 plus shipping when purhcased at DancingWithWater.com

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Herbs for Healing

Healing with Herbs readily available in NZ and Australia with Lorna Meusburger

The Authorative NZ Herbal Reference by Traditional NZ Herbalist Lorna Meusburger. Health conditions and herbs that treat them and A-Z of 170 readily available Herbs and the health conditions they heal. 266 pp. 80 colour images. 2017. Printed copies A4 spiral bound. $59 shipped (NZ).

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Earthing and Grounding

Magnetic Attraction - What is Grounding, Earthing and Giving You Energy

Connect to cosmic, solar and earth energies increases our energy, feeds us antioxidants, improves our nutrition and increases our longevity. Contact us for a PDF copy of our Earthing EBook. FREE to all customers.


Living Sacred Geometry Tuition

David Baillie's Living Sacred Geometry Tuition and Courses Logo

Explore our Living Sacred Geometry ECourses learning the design principles of nature for a new consciousness and respect of feminine inward spiralling energies well as outward, explosive, masculine energies HERE

Pranic People - Free Online Course
Jasmuheen, Sept 2017

What the Breatharian Guides Don't want You to Know
Ray Moar, May 14, 2018

Ray Maor says it as well as I can in the wonderful video "What the Breatharian Guides Don't want You to Know" he contemplated on for so long before sharing. As a Breatharian Guide I totally agree with limiting emotional beliefs coming up to be cleared in the months after being initated by a dry fast. Clearing such toxic patterns out creates a much happier life, giving me a love of this life that I am excited to share. Support, the need to identify and no longer be controlled by out-dated personal laws and beliefs is key for me.

Breatharianism for me, is the fun of also eating physical food and water wihtout being dependent on them, and is why we teach Pranic Feasting rather than Dry Fasting, which we also refer to. Energy that comes from feasting on prana to a greater extent is as Ray says more important to the Breatharian who still eats, than even sexual energy - though a form of the same energy. Ray's method is closest to methodology to ours . It is what first inspired me adn his course and those of Jasmuheen are to be recommended, as much as ours, if you feel called to.

Experiences following Ray's suggested program alone by myself, even with 40 years experience in Life Coaching, Naturopathy and Rebirthing nurtured by Harmony Forest and her sacred earth nnergies specialising in easing personal transformations make it improtant that we teach those called to Harmony, in Harmony as well as online with the love, compassion and ongoing support.

Though prepared by two 4 day dry fasts in the month before, I myself was surprised to learn in my first 7 Day dry fast how intensely emotions, old beliefs and thought patterns come up to be let go of, after physical dry fasting (Pranic Feasting) is initiated. Support online, in courses at Harmony, and afterwards OnStellar and in our Forums is very important to us.

The most limiting belief that I was fortunate enough to have come up, was discovered in a Kombucha Feast (Fast) a month later. It was a belief that "I have to do it all" and "I can't do it all alone". The first made it asier to dry fast, even without water, as "I have to do it all" e: no food or water, however "I can't do it all alone" meant that I kept loosing weight in pranic living though as Jasmhueen suggests my body was 100% Pranic Ready.

Learn all you can from those around you through the Resources on this page, OnStellar our Coursesand sharing in our Forums.

Ray's story of the Pinky is apt, appropriate and well said. As Soul, or should I say, a Pinky, I find this Pinky particularly appealing. When I was young I always wanted to careful of the power I had in just my left finger Pinky tip in case I hurt someone. The Story of the Only One Soul: https://youtu.be/tw7U8lY1MOw

Pranic Living - Ray Maor - 9 Day Program


Primal Fat Burner

Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life with a High-Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet by Nora Gedgaudas with foreword by David Perlmutter

Live Longer, Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain, and Save Your Life with a High-Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet

This January, 2017 book is one of our key reference texts because our organic high fat and low carbohydrate lifestyle gives us our ideal body-weights, lots of energy, clearer thinking and less inflammation and dis-ease. What was simply high-protein Paleolithic has become Ketogenic with moderate amounts of organic proteins. Nora Gedgaudas CNS NTP BCHN, author of popular Primal Body, Primal Mind and widely recognized Paleo expert and nutritionist, gives us revolutionary, scientific, accessible information on high-fat diet to maintain health, losing weight, and heal most chronic diseases.

Gedgaudas explains the benefits and science behind a ketogenic (or fat-burning) diet, which switches your metabolism from a dependence on sugar to running on healthy fats. Numerous studies in recent years changes the long-promoted anti-saturated fat and anti-cholesterol agenda; as a Naturopath have been teaching for over 30 years. Fat isn't a “no-no” but rather a yes-yes” - if you know the right kinds of fats to eat. Gedgaudas explains changed understandings on what healthy fats in her accessible, enjoyable style and gives practical meal plans with recipes. When you follow a ketogenic diet, you consume fewer calories overall!

Writing the books foreword by Dr David Perlmutter, author of the bestselling Grain Brain, says, “Wonderfully actionable ... taking the reader from ‘why’ to ‘how.’” On this diet, you efficiently and effectively metabolize fat (ketones and free fatty acids), which are cleaner burning, and better used by the heart, brain, mitochondria and all body cells, than glucose from carbs, starches, and sugars. Because the right quality fatty organic foods are so satisfying, you naturally wind up eating less - without feelings of hunger or deprivation. And natural dietary fat is ultimately the key to optimum health and longevity. Mitochondria support DNA repair and a high oxygen environment that cancer cells die in and insulin levels stabilise ending Type II diabetes and reducing insulin needs int Type I. Heart and blood vessel health can improve markedly.


Slim Spurling's Universe

The Light-Life® Technology - including the Tensor Ring

Slim rediscovered Ancient Science and the Tensor Ring as a closed cubit length loop generating a torsion energy field (torus, vortex) that energises all things placed insite it and gives foods and water increased hexagonal structure and ORMUS energy, by Cal Garrison

Sun Gazing
Deeper Meditation for Super Human Skills & Abilities

Sun-gazing in my personal experience can be safe when well hydrated with bare feet maintaining and Earth as in Earthing above. In this book Enga kahraba teaches the most common gradual introduction over nine months after which all taste for food, as well as aroma, all hunger pains and cravings disappears, improving health, immune system, never getting sick and perhaps living longer.

The Fourth Phase of Water
Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor

Highly respected as perhaps USA's leading researcher of E-Z water (Exclusion Zone) hexagonal water with living energy describing the living "snow-flake" structure tested for in our drink bottles, carafes, plates and glasses by the Swiss lab of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.
"Dr. Pollack is one of the pioneers in this field, and his discoveries can be expected to have important implications." -Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, Cambridge University.

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