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Consciously living life to the full within our bodies requires vibrant water carrying the new frequencies of information.

This water is placed with love inside our copper spirals of ancient Celtic design to resonate every molecule of water like this when worn. Our spirals can be coated in precious metals!

Achieve your dreams with support. Structuring water in our bodies opens DNA to new expressions of ourselves, consciousness and awareness.


Harmoniser PHI Energy Pendants

Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants with Golden-ratio
Silver, Gold, Ruthenium and Rhodium

Increase your feeling of energy and happiness, enthusiasm and passion with spirals, like all nature moves, golden proportions like the sunflower. The only copper spiral Pendants filled with highly structured water that can through resonance increase nutrition, clarity of thought, DNA longevity, muscle strength and nerve tone, mood, energy and happiness.

Wear as pendants or put in pocket to promote Bio-Energy, Health and EMF protection. Golden Phi shape ppprox 5 x 3cm, 17g for adults, vehicles and food cupboards. 33mm x 23mm, 7g for children, small plants and animals.

These pendants hold a very loving structured water inside PHI spirals of copper tubin plated with silver, gold, platinum, rhodium or ruthenium for added immunity, amd health awakening your love of yourself, family, and this wonderful planet Read more

Protecting Small Children, Pets and Plants
Increased Adult Energy and Protection

Organic Foods, Harmonisers, Energiser and Revitalisers as definite help to living in this world today.


Triple Protection of Celtic Tradition

3 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants 5G EMF protection
Silver, Rose Gold and Ruthenium

She's a little beauty bringing balance and harmony to everything 3, protecting you and giving structure to your water.

Ancient Celtic Triskele design close to 4cm in diameter and 12-13g to wear and about 6cm diameter and 23g to create positive energies in bedroom, clinic, kitchen, living and waiting room. Beneath their metal every pendant is filled with high frequency resonant energy water for maximum health benefit. Copper or plating with silver, gold, platinum, rhodium or ruthenium for additional benefits

Triple Protection plated in your choice of precious metal
3 Spiral Room Harmonisers in precious metals

4D Creative Energy Boost

Earth Fire Air and Water

4 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants 5G EMF WiFi protection
Silver, Gold and Rhodium

4 Corner Harmonisers heal and bring balance to earth, water, fire and air energy within and at home, work and during travel. Filled with high frequency resonant energy water these strengthen natural bio-energies and protect from EMF, WiFi and other off centre energies with unhealthy spins. Near to 40x54mm and 19g to wear and about 60x84mm and 43g to display in home or office for contentment, energy and Healing Benefits

4-fold Energy plated in choice of precious metals
4 Spiral Room Harmonisers in precious metals

Computer Harmoniser

A Healthy Spin on Electricity and WiFi

Computer Harmoniser in leather pouch

Two Copper Personal PHI Harmonisers sealed snugly in deep dark blue leather case to place by or under computer give protective, natural spin to all things in your bio-energy field. Aout: 41mm x 75mm x 4mm with a stick back pad.

Computer 5G EMF WiFi Router Protection

4G 5G WiFi Mobile Phone Harmoniser

Protection with a Strong Personal Energy Field

5G Mobile Phone Harmoniser Protection with PHI Golden ratio

One Protective Copper Personal PHI Harmoniser sealed snugly in deep dark blue leather case to return negative spins of dirty electricity, 5G and WiFi around you to the healthy direction strengthening your personal bio-energy field.

Mobile 5G Help and WiFi Protection

Breathe deep focusing on heart for clarity of mind, coherence and full creativity


5G EMF Harmoniser

EMF Vortex Air Energisers 5G WiFi Harmonisers Protection of golden-ratio

Lift up the energies of your room, life and even the air and water. 19 cm wide and 18cm tall based on discoveries of Viktor Schauberger, John Keely and Masaru Emoto creating strong bio-energy fields protecting and healing people, animals and plants that can otherwise be affected by adverse earth, EMF, WiFi, electricity and cosmic energies. Had crafted in golden mean, PHI spiral proportions and filled with propreitory high-frequency water.

EMF  WiFi and Electricity Harmonisers


5G Bee and Garden Shungite

S4 Shungite Powder with Silver for maximum health of bees, plants, people and gardens S4 Shungite structuring water protecting bees, plants, people in 5G WiFi environments S4 Shungite chips for maximum health of bees and beehives

Shungite Bees (middle image) is a world-wide project lead by Nancy Hopkins and Derek Condit of Mystical Wares.

Shungite S4 Powder combines nano-sized particles of silver with a fine Shungite powder in a special process developed by Walt Silva. In the same way it does for the silver-plating over our pendants silver adds further healing frequencies.S4 Powder promotes the growth of beehives, including population growth, queen births and excess honey production. 15 grams of S4 Powder is enough to go in front of two beehives and can go on the garden..

15g of S4 Powder adds to 10 litres or two gallons of paint to go the inner walls of beehives and rooms people occupy to protect them from EMF. Keep a small amount aside in case you want to add the powder directly into a hive for accelerated growth. Add the powder directly into the water based paint and blend well. We continue to explore the degree to which Shungite can change the spin of the highest 5G frequencies that match its own.

Shungite Chips are easier to find again when you put them in the garden and bee-hive doorsteps. Also place in bowls of water for bees, birds and other insects and into it to purify it for garden and human consumption, or tape over painful and healing areas of the body.

Shungite spheres harmonising eneriges for protection from EMF radiation

Polished Shungite Spheres 30, or 40mm in diameter provide protection in the pocket, purse or pack, and right beside the bed. 60mm Spheres on top of our 1.3L Alladin, 1L Phoenix and 1.5L Cadus Carafes at our NaturesDesign websites put healthy spin on 4G, 5G, EMF and WiFi within a few metres while 90mm on top 5L and 10L Carafes reach well out into the larger room. All giving structure to the water inside you, your plants and Carafes.

Shungite Chips, Smooth Stones and Spheres

Shungite of the best and truest quality sources from the Zazhoginsky mine, Karelia, Russia for purification of thoughts, energy fields, WiFi, EMF, electrical devices and removal of toxins from water by adsorption and by giving it spin energy, vortex structuring and micro-clustering effects for better hydration, protection and healing.

The wonderful book "Shungite Reality - A Study of Energy", podcasts and worldwide distribution of Shungite by Nancy L. Hopkins and Derek Condit are healing the planet and saving bees with the help of S4 Shungite made by Walt Silva and available alongside our own products below.

Shungite C60 maintains first place in science for fast spin at the rate of 20GHz (20 billion times per second, 20 times per nano second). This spin-rate is believed to be how it breaks down toxins (because they can't keep up and are shredded to bits) and to be related to how Shungite never needs cleaning or recharging. Shungite does no damage to natural biological molecules, vitamins or minerals because these have higher spin rates than synthetic man-made items, drugs and toxins. It may be that it recharges itself by connecting to the quantum field, as does structured water, ATP and all biological life when it has the energy to do so. Like our Harmoniser Pendants it seems that it works most effectively in all respects with silver, loving thoughts and structured water.

Polished Shungite Sphere adding energy to water on Carafes and Water Eggs

hungite Bucky Bandaid Stickers for electrical devices that don't transmit a signal Shungite S4 Stickers for dirty electricity and EMF of cellphones and smart devices

Shungite Bucky Bandaid Stickers forpower-points and older pre-G5 electrical and fuel powered devices such as stoves, washers, dryers, lawn mowers, blenders, hair dryers, razors) electrical devices that don't transmit 24/7. Electrical signals produced.

Best not use a microwave oven, 5G phone or smart meter. If you do need to use one have a Shungite Bucky Bandaid Sticker on it, wear a harmoniser pendant and have a polished sphere in your pocket. Sicker size: About 43mm x 50mm (1.75" x 2.00") when removed from backing (which doesn't need to be removed for them to work). A few dollars a sticker in sets of 3 from Mystical Wares through our Affiliate Link.

S4 Shungite Stickers for electronic devices that transmit and respond to pulsed signals contain revolutionary proprietary technology using the mineral Shungite plus Silver to generate a more continuous healing energy field. For smart phones, cordless phones, mobile phones, game boxes, TV, WiFi, electronics and all smart meters and devices. Shungite changes the spin of the EM field to the healthy direction without affecting the information transmitted and received by devices.

The S4 Powder is sealed in a specific geometry within the stickers to be stuck on cellphones and their covers. About 43mm x 50mm (1.75" x 2.00") when removed from backing (it doesn't need to be removed for them to work). Around $30 for 3 from Mystical Wares with our Affiliate Link.

Water Energy PHI Stirrers

Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Stirrer to vortex structure water

Energise drinks, smoothies and soups with a stir. Silver plated copper tubing in golden PHI proportion full of high-frequency full-spectrum structured water inside. About16x3cm, 21g.

Silver PHI Strcutured Water Harmoniser

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Vortex Water Energiser EMF Vortex Air Energiser Vortex Water Revitaliser cup-open to show twin spiral 3 and 4 spiral Vortex Harmoniser Pendants 1.3L Alladin Carafe by Natures Design