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David Baillie, Awakening Consciousness Coach, Naturopath, Energy Medicine
David Baillie ND, BSc, RBT, RTC
Pranic Living Coach and Consciousness Explorer
Gemstone Energy Medicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy
Internationally by Email, Facebook, Phone, Skype and Zoom
Email: UnityConsciousorg @ gmail .com (no spaces)
Facebook: davidbailliemassage
Phone: 64 (0) 211-22-0910
Skype: davidbaillie9

Iridology, Massage, Rebirthing and Foot Reflexology Consultations
Dry Fasting, Pranic Living, Breatharian, Consciousness and Dark Room Retreats and Courses
Harmony Forest, 239 Waitati Valley Rd, RD 2 Waitati NZ 9085

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Dreams put Living into Action - Love, David

Bio - David

As a practicing Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant and Massage Practitioner since 1982 and before then David has done many detox fasts and cleanses including bowel cleanses, colonics, 12 days on brown rice, breathwork and several 4 to 7 Day Dry Fasts with prana and no foods or liquids. As a pr;practicing Naturopath, Remedial Body Therapist and Kinesiologist, Foot Reflexologist and Certified Rebirther since 19827 David has added many skills in Gemstone Energy Medicine, Sacred Geometry, Merkaba, Pineal and Consciousness Science. Since he and his partner purchased Harmony, 20 hectares of centuries old native forest with 3 creeks and much ORMES energy, 23.5k north of central Dunedin city in 2000 he has also deepens experience he offers in Organic, Biodynamic and Forest Gardening. Harmony gardens and forest and David's cob Earth, Eco-buildings and 4k of forest trails offers much healing support to all sessions, courses and workshop. Harmony also provides a very high energy setting as the warehouse and showroom for Harmonising Energies and Natures Design NZ products with Air, Water, Food and Person protective, energising and revitalising products and courses.

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