Unity Conscious

Supporting each other

Creating with each other

Experiencing our I AM

Unity Conscious We Are All One Teams and Family

Unity Conscious We Are All On


What it really means to live as the Unity Conscious and how we can live together in a healthy, happy, caring and loving world.


Freedom and the opportunity to explore our future helping each other doing what we do best.

Discovering ourselves as we truly are.


We can help each other with prosperity, trust and support.

We can let go of old ways of thinking, and embrace new ways of heart, compassion and support of each other.

We explore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, wellbeing and consciousness.



Unity Conscious We Are All One within the Light of the Heart

As Unity Conscious We Are All One



David Baillie helping others to be Unity Conscious

David Baillie, ND, BSc, RBT, RTC




WE ARE ALL ONE – Conscious Loving from the Heart Together

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